Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why are they fighting?

I am surprised that my daughter does not have more of an emotional reaction to what she is reading. The most she expresses about her emotions around what she has read is that it "disgusts" her. We watch very little tv here so I can't believe she is desensitized by over exposure to graphic images. We limit movies to pg13. Is she just not thinking about the words?

Personally I am caught between wanting to read it as fast as I can, to get it over with, or not reading it at all. I find it very upsetting. Just preparing meals and washing my hands can send my mind back to what I read and how grateful Ishmael would have been for clean hands and food.

We have been asking each other what this war was all about (yes, we know diamonds play a part in this) and why anyone would think that killing unsuspecting families could solve their problems. Is it power, religion, control, race...?
Peggie Zoerhof
at page 110

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Annie Mae said...

A great book to check out for more information on the details of the war is "Black Man's Grave: Letters from Sierra Leone" (
The book, taken from letters of villagers, is a great read. If Long Way Gone has left you with some questions definitely check it out!